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Our programs

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

Before and After School (ages 5-12)

Our Place to Grow offers a safe and fun childcare alternative to children through age 12 for before and after school. We provide transportation to and from French Creek Elementary school or arrangements can be made through the Owen J Roberts school district to have your child bused to/from our center.


We’ve created a wonderful area in our building especially for our School-aged kids! Our new area is the perfect environment for kids to complete homework, create through arts and crafts, read, relax, or be social and enjoy table games or play on the Wii.

"Our Place To Grow Inc. is a loving, caring and fun environment our 2 year old son looks forward to everyday. Even though we aren’t there, we know he is getting the best care possible.  


They have a set daily routine the children follow, as well as programs and projects that keep them busy and happy.  


We appreciate all the wonderful things they do with our son! and love being able to go to work and not worry about the care of our child. We are so blessed to have found Our Place To Grow Inc.!"


-The McNeill’s

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We offer a variety of programs to meet your family’s needs. Our center provides full- and part-time care for toddlers, and preschoolers, as well as before- and after-school care for elementary students (through age 12). We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your child care needs.


Wheather you are a parent searching for a preschool program for your child to socialize, or to prepare for kindergarten, Our Place To Grow will provide rich experiences through Reggio Emilia inspired environment.

All children at OPTG experience our natural outdoor environment.  Key principles of the Reggio Emilia approach is the belief and use of 100 hundred languages. Like you may guess, the principle refers to communication.  However, the emphasis is in o ffering children one hundred ways to share their thinking.  Children learn in different ways and the one hundred languages offer different means for learning and expression (e.g. talking, writing, drawing, painting, wire sculpture, clay modeling, dancing, acting, representing with recyclable, manmade materials or natural materials).


Through the summer months we also offer our NATURE4NURTURE summer programming for children

who have completed kindergarten through age 12.


All children enrolled at Our Place to Grow receive quality care & individualized learning experiences through:

They’re growing up so fast! Our preschool/pre-K curriculum and environment is developed to cultivate healthy social relationships and prepare our school-bound kids for the educational and social experiences of kindergarten.



We understand that the decision to place your toddler into daycare can be a difficult decision for some parents. Many times, it is your child's first experience away from home.  At Our Place to Grow, we understand that your child's environment means everything.  Children feel safe and secure as our facility is cozy and nurturing.  Children are free to express themselves through a wide range of expressions.

Language Skills

Talking, listening, stories, fingerplays, rhyming.


Math Readiness

Manipulative games & activities with size, shape, grouping.



Movement education, running, jumping, balancing.



Singing, rhyming,rhythm sticks, instruments.



Nature activities, the world just outside the door!



Expressive art using various techniques and media.


Motor Skills

Perceptual motor activities & large/small motor skills.


Dramatic Play

Role playing, puppets, dress-up.

At Our Place to Grow, we believe that in addition to providing a strong educational curriculum, the cultivation and development of a child’s social and emotional skills is equally important. Our center is designed with an open and engaging layout that encourages all of our age groups to have the opportunity to socialize together and learn from one another. It is our belief that all age groups benefit from this experience, as it promotes patience and empathy for others. Having a preschooler quietly play with a toddler promotes language modeling as well as behavior modeling. The preschooler develops self-awareness as well as self-esteem that they can make the toddler laugh or talk with them. We communicate to our children to always take others in consideration. Because each of us individually creates a whole, our children learn that the decisions we make ultimately affect the people around us.

Communication between our caregivers and our parents is paramount. No one schedule or program will work for all infants and toddlers, so we get to know you and your child individually. We will respect your parenting style; we will offer the same comforts here that you provide at home. Through daily communications we will help you experience your child’s day to day experiences and share special moments.


The social and emotional experience for toddlers at Our Place to Grow helps build curiosity, awareness, security, and independence. Toddlers enjoy supervised playtime right alongside our older children which provides tremendous benefits to these age groups.

Infants:  These little ones absorb their environment like sponges!  Our infants experience a peaceful, loving environment in which to grow.  We provide our infants the opportunity for physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development through thoughtful activities and meaningful interactions with caregivers.  Most importantly, we provide our little "muffins" with love and affection!  Our babies steal the show at Our Place To Grow!


Younger Toddlers: These on-the-go children are exposed to spoken language through simple directions, songs, stories, and finger plays to develop language acquisition. We also encourage and develop physical development through a variety of play activities. “If you build it, they will rip it, kick it, climb it, or just destroy it!”


  • Fine- and gross-motor skills development: by allowing toddlers to explore, touch, feel, and move! We provide lots of room for walking, and we encourage exploration. We provide manipulatives such      as blocks, items found in nature and various art media to provoke interest and creativity.

  • Communication skills: simply put–we talk to your little one! We narrate what’s happening; we read books and tell stories; we sing! And since toddlers play alongside the older children, at various times of the day, they benefit from observing and listening to the “big kids” as well.

  • Sensory exploration: exposure to colors, textures, smells, tastes, sizes, and shapes; all children at Our Place to Grow enjoy daily outdoor time (weather permitting) offering essential sensory development and fresh air!

Preschoolers are offered an array of gross-motor activities to encourage children to walk in line, run, and jump and throw accurately as well as math concepts, sizing, patterns and sequencing.  Every day is different, and by keeping to our “learn through play” philosophy, our teachers are able to seize learning opportunities by integrating fun and real-life situations into learning important concepts.

Pre-K children are in training for the big leap into kindergarten!  In addition to the traditional ABC’s and 123’s curriculum, we feel the development of emotional well-being and social development is equally important for children entering formal school.  We always promote confidence and the ability to communicate our wants and needs in an effective manner.

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Older Toddlers: These children are provided with an environment resembling a preschool classroom. We introduce circle time, table-top activities, using scissors, coloring distinguishing shapes, learning colors, letters, numbers – and oh yes, potty time!


In addition to providing a safe, secure, and loving environment for all of our toddlers, we also provide age-appropriate early learning experiences to help children reach developmental milestones. We provide: