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About Our Place To Grow Inc.

It is the philosophy of Our Place to Grow that children learn through play and experiences. Our Place to Grow will provide an environment rich in experiences that promote:

Curriculum & development

Your kids will look forward to being dropped at our child care facility every morning.

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We incorporate 10 interest areas of development:

  • Dramatic play: recreate real-life experiences using props to make believe and deepen their understanding about the world we live in.

  • Toys and games: including puzzles, table blocks, and Legos.

  • Art: including drawing, painting, pasting, clay modeling, cutting, story telling, plays and more

  • Library: look at books, listen to taped stories, and re-tell stories.

  • Discovery: observe, experiment, measure, solve problems, and take things apart.

  • Sand & Water: measuring, experiencing things that sink and float, raking through the sand.

  • Music & Movement: listening to different kinds of music, expressing themselves through their movement.

  • Cooking: learning about nutrition, preparing healthy snacks, following directions.

  • Blocks: learning special concepts, geometric shapes, decision-making and problem solving, cooperation with others.

  • Courage

  • Joy

  • Spirit

  • Celebration

  • Community

  • Equality

  • Diversity

While teaching the love of learning through real-life situations inspiried by Reggio Emilia and age-appropriate curriculum, our children will become caring, responsible individuals.

Our Place to Grow, uniquely incorporates an emergent curriculum and the PA Learning Standards to ensure the developmental needs of children are met through teacher inspired, child lead experiences.